Was Bandokay arrested? Recent sources indicate that the rapper is in legal difficulties. The realm of British rap has seen its fair share of controversy and legal entanglements. Kemani Kane Duggan is one such artist who has run into legal difficulties. He is professionally referred to as Bandokay. Bandokay was born on May 9, 2001, in Tottenham, London, and came to notoriety as a member of the UK drill group OFB.

He grabbed headlines not just for his musical achievements, but also for his relationships and personal life. This article discusses Bandokay’s recent arrest on firearms charges. It delves into the specifics of the case, the possible penalties, and the effect on his professional and personal life.

Was Bandokay Arrested on Firearm Charges?

Bandokay’s arrest on firearms charges has sent shockwaves in the music business and among his fans. It has been a watershed moment in the rapper’s life and career. Bandokay, born Kemani Kane Duggan, faced legal inquiry in 2022. He and fellow OFB rapper Double Lz were charged with violent conduct after a horrific encounter at a Selfridges shop in 2021. The accusations arose from a scuffle. It happened in the iconic Oxford Street boutique. It resulted in two people getting stabbed.


With the addition of firearm charges in 2024, Bandokay’s legal problems have become worse. It has raised doubts about the substance of the claims and their possible ramifications. Bandokay’s firearm charges have yet to be fully publicized. The music world and fans alike are on edge, waiting for developments on the ongoing court processes.

Is Bandokay in Jail? His sentence

It’s unknown if Bandokay is currently in prison. Details about his present jail situation have yet to be published. It leaves fans and onlookers curious about the rapper’s near future. The legal complications of firearm accusations are compounded by the preceding allegations of violent disorder. It’s connected to the Selfridges incident. It has created a complex legal situation for Bandokay. The gravity of these allegations suggests the potential of jail.

However, specifics of his sentencing have yet to be published. The uncertainty surrounding whether Bandokay is now in custody adds to the continuing legal drama. It leaves the rapper’s fans anxious for information on his status and the course of his legal challenges. The duration of any prospective sentence will be determined by the charges’ exact nature and past criminal history.

Bandokay Case Details: What Did He Do?

The legal entanglements around Bandokay have emerged as a complicated story with several instances. The rapper has often found himself in the heart of controversy. In 2022, he was charged with violent disorder with Double Lz about a fight. The incident culminated in two people being stabbed. It prompted a legal drama including Bandokay’s brother, Marlon Duggan.


He was cleared of violent disorder, but the jury was unable to reach a judgment on Bandokay’s accusation. The court hearings showed chaotic events caught on CCTV. It depicted a heated incident inside the iconic Oxford Street boutique. It ensnared the rapper in legal difficulties. On January 15th, 2024, he encountered further obstacles when he was detained on firearms charges.