A bathroom expert has shared a grim reason why you should never leave the toilet seat up.

Research warns that leaving the toilet seat up, especially when flushing, can create a “toilet plume” where tiny droplets can spread harmful germs throughout the bathroom.

In 2019, scientists at University College Cork found that closing the toilet seat reduced the number of both visible and smaller droplets during and after flushing by 30-60 percent. Eleanor Potter of Plumbworld suggests households should put “reminders” in bathrooms to encourage people to close the lid before they flush.

She says this will help stop germs from spreading to surfaces like towels, countertops, and even our toothbrushes.

“It’s evident that this simple adjustment in our bathroom habits can have a profound impact on our overall hygiene and health safety,” she added. “This practice, while seemingly minor, plays a crucial role in mitigating the spread of germs and infections within the household.”

Having the loo lid down while doing a flush can speed up the collection of limescale. Though that’s not bad for your health, this can stain your toilet seats.

But cleaning expert Nancy Ememery from Drench has an easy way to keep your toilet spotless. She suggests mixing baking powder and white vinegar to make a paste and putting it directly onto where you need it.

“If you leave it working for five minutes, then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth, the stains should lift,” she added. For “deeper, older stains”, try doing this twice.

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