Experts always stress the importance of your first meal of the day. Breakfast breaks your overnight fast, so it’s your first source of glucose needed to boost your energy levels and alertness.

Therefore, you want it to go steady on your blood sugar, releasing energy gradually and also providing other essential nutrients.

However, many Britons often opt for sugary and beige options that make them feel sluggish as a result.

What’s worse, a gastroenterologist has warned that your breakfast choices could have implications beyond your energy levels.

Dr Saurabh Sethi, a board-certified gastroenterologist, took to his TikTok channel to outline the “breakfast foods to avoid”. He also revealed what’s his go-to morning dish.

1. Bacon 

A staple of the fry-up plate, bacon is highly processed, full of unhealthy fats and nitrates, the doctor warned.

Worryingly, nitrates have been linked to stomach and colon cancer. Research, published in the journal Nature, found that the curing agent used in this food boosted the growth of cancerous tumours in mice.

With many varieties of bacon available in your local supermarket, you might hope there’s one that is an exception to this rule. Unfortunately, Dr Sethi warned that most options sold in food shops are bad news for your health.

2. Breakfast cereals and granola 

Breakfast cereals might be the more obvious problem out of the two, as granola can contain several healthy ingredients like fruits, nuts and seeds. However, the breakfast staple can be high in added fats and sugars.

In some cases, the type of oil used in granola is coconut, which can lead to higher cholesterol levels.

Therefore, Dr Sethi recommended considering muesli instead of your usual crunchy morning fix.

3. Regular pancakes 

Similarly to breakfast cereals, the gastroenterologist warned that pancakes are often packed with sugar, making them a bad breakfast option.

Furthermore, they are also stripped of their fibre content, not offering proper nutritional value. Dr Sethi added: “Consider ones made with whole wheat and eggs instead.”

If you need inspiration for a healthy breakfast, the doctor revealed his favourite is an omelette with veggies and whole grain sourdough bread (some days whole wheat roti) along with unsweetened coffee or tea.

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