Andrew Bridgen has called for a meeting between police and Covid jab ‘experts’ – including ex-footballer Matt Le Tissier.

The disgraced MP, who was kicked out of the Tory party for comparing the vaccine roll-out to the Holocaust, issued his bizarre demand for a meeting with Met Police boss Sir Mark Rowley.

In the letter posted last night on X (formerly known as Twitter), Bridgen stated that the matter was of ‘paramount importance to the well-being and safety of the British public’.

The independent MP wrote ‘very disturbing’ new evidence had come to light, saying it ‘will be revealed and discussed at the meeting’.

He said he needed a conference room big enough for at least 20 people who could ‘provide evidence on their fields of expertise’ to discuss evidence of these ‘criminal offences’.

Disgraced MP Andrew Bridgen has called for an urgent meeting between police and Covid jab 'experts'

Disgraced MP Andrew Bridgen has called for an urgent meeting between police and Covid jab ‘experts’

One of Bridgen's experts is ex-footballer Matt Le Tissier who has previously voiced his doubts over the truth on Russian war crimes in Ukraine and the 9/11 terrorist attacks

One of Bridgen’s experts is ex-footballer Matt Le Tissier who has previously voiced his doubts over the truth on Russian war crimes in Ukraine and the 9/11 terrorist attacks 

Former England and Southampton striker Le Tissier was among the list of 15 named ‘experts’. 

Le Tissier has repeatedly pedalled conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccine over the past three years, including that authorities are ‘hiding all sorts of information’ about the jabs. 

And the 55-year-old, who was sacked from Sky’s Soccer Saturday in 2020 has vowed to investigate whether the jabs are linked to athletes collapsing on the pitch.

In the past, Le Tissier has also claimed media over-exaggerated Russian war crimes in Ukraine and questioned the legitimacy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Bridgen’s other experts include a series of medics, statisticians, lawyers, funeral directors, journalists and police officers, many of whom are well-known anti-vaxxers.

The North West Leicestershire MP requested Sir Mark set aside three hours so each of his speakers could spend 10minutes unveiling ‘very disturbing and damning evidence’. 

Bridgen claims he had contacted independent Covid Inquiry team, who told him to refer any suspected criminality to the police. 

He is now an independent MP having been suspended and later expelled from the Conservative Party after branding the life-savings jabs as ‘the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust’.

He joined actor and fellow anti-vaxxer Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party but later quit the group over a ‘difference in direction’. 

Just last month Bridgen, 59, speaking in the House of Commons suggested capital punishment may need to return to Britain for those involved in ‘crimes against humanity’.

He said:  ‘I’ve always opposed capital punishment on the principle that it’s wrong to take a life so it can’t be right for the state to take a life in revenge.

‘Events have caused me to reconsider my position.

‘So can we have a debate on crimes against humanity and the appropriate punishment for those who perpetuate, collude and cover up for these atrocities, atrocities and crimes so severe that the ultimate punishment may be required?’

Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt replied: ‘I think (Mr Bridgen’s) incredibly subtle question is not lost on anyone in this House on where he might be taking it.

‘It is appropriate that the finale of this session, which has featured so heavily conspiracy theories, should fall to the honourable gentleman.

‘I would just caution him also just to reflect with the things that have been said about his own behaviour, what he does on social media, the security measures that have had to be stepped up for honourable members in this place in the wake of some of his social media tweets and questions in this House.’

Bridgen’s wife of seven years, opera singer Nevena, filed for divorce last month. 

She claimed that she and her son had been left homeless by her husband after he became ‘radicalised’ by conspiracy theorists and ‘abandoned them’. 

Bridgen has announced he will stand against the Conservatives at the next general election but refused to trigger a by-election sooner. 

He recently accused the Conservatives of having a ‘socialist stench’ as well requesting Brits become ‘foot soldiers’ in ‘Andrew’s army’. 

Covid vaccines have been repeatedly demonstrated by experts to be safe for the vast majority of people who take them.

Bridgen issued his bizarre demand for a meeting to Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Mark Rowley

Bridgen issued his bizarre demand for a meeting to Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir Mark Rowley

They have been credited with saving 20million lives in their first year of deployment alone, as well as ending the paralysing series of Covid lockdowns that crippled the UK economy and tore families apart. 

Like any medical product, jabs have a range of side effects that vary in how common and severe they can be.

mRNA Covid jabs, like those made by Pfizer and Moderna, have been linked to rare reports of myocarditis — a potentially dangerous inflammation of the heart.

However, the vast majority of cases were mild and resolved on their own.

Experts later estimated that the risk of myocarditis, which can also be triggered by an infection like Covid, was higher from the virus than the jab, meaning it was still a benefit to be vaccinated.

The fact Covid itself can cause myocarditis is frequently ignored by the anti-vaxx movement. 

Blood clots caused by rare adverse reaction to the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine are known to have resulted in 81 fatalities as well as a higher number of injuries.

For context, over 50million doses of the AstraZeneca jab were used in the UK. 

Such adverse reactions occurred in the weeks following vaccination.

Claims that such side effects are responsible for a post-lockdown rise in deaths are not supported by evidence.

Instead, experts have pinned a documented rise in deaths since the pandemic to the disruption Covid caused to screening programmes and Brits with potential signs of serious health problems staying away from health services out of fear of the virus. 

Ongoing problems with NHS waiting lists, ambulance delays and a general worsening of the nation’s health, such as the inexorable rise in obesity, have also been listed as factors. 

The anti-vaxx movement has frequently latched on to any sudden collapse or notable death as being potentially linked to Covid vaccine side effects.

This ‘died suddenly’ trend has been thoroughly debunked by experts as having no basis in truth and condemned for speculating on people’s health. 

The Metropolitan Police were contacted for comment on if they had responded to Bridgen’s request for a meeting. 

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