Brooke Wyckoff Salary: Florida State coach Brooke Wyckoff is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million, with a basic salary of $189,999 at Florida State University as of 2023. She has been at Florida State University since 2011 and is presently the Head Coach of Florida State Women’s Basketball. Brooke Wyckoff, born March 30, 1980, in Lake Forest, Illinois, is a well-known personality in women’s basketball. Wyckoff played forward at Florida State before becoming a coach.

From 2001 until 2009, Wyckoff was a forward for the Orlando Miracle, Connecticut Sun, and Chicago Sky. Notably, her clutch three-pointer in the 2005 WNBA Finals is a memorable moment. Later, after retiring due to an ACL injury in 2009, Wyckoff went into coaching. She has been a key member of the Florida State women’s basketball coaching staff since June 2011, serving in a variety of positions. Aside from that, Wyckoff’s contributions are worldwide. She won silver medals in the 1999 World University Games and gold at the 2000 Jones Cup.

Wyckoff has been the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles since 2022, and his teams have seen remarkable success, including an NCAA first-round trip in 2020-21. Brooke has had a long-lasting influence on women’s basketball at Florida State University, progressing from WNBA star to recognized coach.

Brooke Wyckoff’s Net Worth and Income

There are no specific estimates of Brooke Wyckoff’s net worth; nevertheless, sources believe that she has a net worth of $5 million. The majority of her earnings come from her stellar career as a basketball player and her coaching at Florida State University. Her current source of income is from coaching women’s basketball at Florida State. According to sources, Brooke Wyckoff is paid a basic salary of $189,999 at Florida State.

Brooke Wyckoff

Personal Life and Family

Brooke Wyckoff is married to José Ramon Esmoris. They had planned to marry in 2020, but her fiancé was stranded in Spain during COVID. Nevertheless, after years of waiting, the pair married in August of 2022. Wyckoff also has a daughter, Avery, who is 10 years old in 2023. She has a wonderful bond with her kid and is often seen posting sweet moments on social media.

Brooke is also the creator of Moms in Coaching, an organization of women who coach basketball and gather annually during the NCAA Women’s Final Four. The group’s purpose is to serve as role models for players and younger coaches, demonstrating that you can accomplish both. “You are capable of being both a wonderful mother and an excellent coach. “You can do both,” Brooke explains.

Brooke Wyckoff’s Health Status: Breast Cancer

Brooke Wyckoff, the coach of Florida State’s women’s basketball team, recently had surgery to remove a breast cancer lump. Florida State released a statement stating that the medical team is confident about her complete recovery.

Brooke Wyckoff

Despite confronting hurdles, including Wyckoff’s absence for breast cancer surgery, Florida State women’s basketball defeated 11th-ranked Tennessee 92-91. Wyckoff said, “I’m so proud of how we battled,” “When things became rough, we persevered and won. I’m pretty pleased with our performance tonight.”