The American Cancer Society’s recently released annual report predicts a record-breaking number of cancer diagnoses in the US this year.

Surprisingly, while the incidence is set to surpass two million cases, there is a positive trend as fewer individuals are dying of the disease.

Dr. William Dahut, Chief Scientific Officer at the ACS, noted a significant shift in the age demographic affected by cancer.

Traditionally, those aged 65 and above bore the brunt of cancer cases, and this remains true to some extent.

However, a noteworthy change is occurring, with a rise in cancer diagnoses among individuals under 55.

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Dr. Dahut emphasised: “Despite the aging overall population, we’re witnessing a notable increase in cancer incidence among the younger demographic, challenging the notion that cancer predominantly affects the elderly.”

Breast cancer remains the most cancer overall. Meanwhile, the report states that colon cancer has become the primary cause of cancer-related deaths in men under 50 and the second leading cause in women under 50.

Dr. Dahut reflected on this shift, stating, “There’s a collective effort to understand the underlying environmental factors driving this change in cancer incidence and mortality among the younger population.”

The doctor said: “Cancers linked to obesity, such as pancreas, kidney, postmenopausal breast cancer, and liver cancers, are witnessing an upward trajectory.”

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Despite these worrisome trends, the report does provide a glimmer of hope, indicating an overall decline in cancer death rates.

The doctor emphasised that a substantial portion of cancer cases, around 42 percent, is potentially preventable through lifestyle changes and other related factors.

A pivotal change that can significantly reduce the risk is stopping smoking before reaching the age of 30 and adopting habits such as consuming less alcohol and actively working towards weight reduction can positively impact overall health.

The doctor underscored the importance of regular exercise, highlighting that even minor movements, such as standing up from your office chair and moving around, can contribute to health improvement.

Dr. Dahut added: “There are actionable steps within our control—things your mother likely advised you to do while growing up. Exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, stay up to date on vaccinations, and refrain from smoking.”

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