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Costco is known for offering a myriad of great deals on bulk groceries, but many shoppers agree that certain bargains at the warehouse club are especially cost-effective. Members frequently praise the price and quality of the famous $4.99 rotisserie chickens, $1.50 food court hotdog combos, and two-liter bottles of Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which are listed for $17.99 online but could cost even less when you visit a warehouse in person.

However, one of the absolute best deals at Costco is one that some customers say doesn’t get nearly enough love or attention: walnuts. The retailer lists three-pound bags of the popular Kirkland brand nuts for $8.99 online, though customers have reported paying as low as about $8 for the product at their local warehouses. (The walnuts cost $7.99 this week at the warehouse in Brooklyn, N.Y.) For comparison, chopped walnuts from Walmart’s Great Value brand cost $7.36 per pound, so Costco members can get three times more walnuts for roughly a dollar more.

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A member recently raved about this bargain that “no one ever talks about” on Reddit, and with that post, the Kirkland walnuts finally got their time in the spotlight. A wave of shoppers responded to share their love for the product in a massive thread with more than 220 comments.

An amazing superfood bargain no one ever talks about
by u/Professional-Sir-912 in Costco

“YES. Such a good deal. Good for savory and sweet dishes. 12/10 recommend,” one customer wrote.

“Definitely one of the items that makes the place worthwhile for us,” another said.

Members say that the walnuts are not only great for snacking straight from the bag, but can also elevate a range of different meals and baked goods. They suggested throwing them into salads, yogurt, oatmeal, brownies, ice cream, and banana bread. Customers even said they use them to make candied walnuts or a walnut pesto.

“It is a super deal. Love these chopped up as a topping on steel-cut oats and frozen blueberries,” a customer wrote.

Unless you’re using walnuts on the daily, getting through three pounds before they expire may not be an easy feat. Luckily, members said that the Kirkland walnuts keep well for much longer in the freezer or fridge, so customers won’t have to worry about them going to waste as long as they’re stored properly.

For any Costco fans seeking out additional member-approved items, customers have also been raving about the “surprisingly good” burnt ends from Mission Hill Bistro and the new Four Berry Pie that hit shelves last month.

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