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oi-Prerna Aditi

on September 28, 2020

When it comes to parenthood, it doesn’t matter if you have a daughter or a son. To an extent, those days are gone when people didn’t consider men and women as equals. Even today in some areas people consider daughters as a burden and used to sulk over the birth of a girl-child. But, still, good things exist and hope is not entirely lost.

In order to acknowledge the importance of daughters in a family, every year, India observes Daughter’s Day on the fourth Sunday of September. This year the day will be observed on 27 September 2020. Initially, the day was observed to eradicate the stigma associated with the birth of a daughter.

We understand that you will be looking forward to making your daughters feel special and loved on this day. And for this, you may try to do something special for her. For example, you may think of taking her shopping, or to a fancy restaurant or bringing a nice cake for her. But do you know there are some other ways of making this day more memorable for your little princess? Well, there are certain ways through which you can give the best gift to your daughter. If you have already started scratching your head and are wondering what those ways could be, then hold your horses as we are here to tell you the same. Read on:


1. Give Her The Gift Of Freedom

What could be a better gift than allowing your daughter to enjoy her life in her own way? It is obvious that being a parent, you may want to protect your daughter from all sorts of evil. For this, you may ask her not to do certain things, you may prohibit her from going out, wearing certain clothes, etc. But protecting your daughter from evil and telling her what to do and what not to do are two different things. This way you will be taking away all her freedom and controlling her life as per your wish. Stopping her from going out, spending time with her friends, making her career, etc. can never make your daughter an empowered woman. Let her gain experiences in her life so that she can handle problems on her own.


2. Unleash The Hidden Potential In Her

Just because she is a girl, doesn’t mean that she is less capable than boys. Everyone has their own potential and skills. You just need to find out what are your daughter’s interests and skills. Stopping your daughter from choosing the career of her choice and asking her to learn cooking instead is not the right thing to do. Let her be independent and explore her skills. Cooking and cleaning can be learned afterwards. Do not let her feel that she is born to cook and look after the family.


3. Let Her Know That You Trust Her

One of the best things that you can give to your daughter is your trust. Let your daughter know that you trust her and will always stay by her side. In this world, where people do not think twice before judging someone and making negative remarks about him/her, it is important for you to trust your daughter. This is because it is quite important to give a strong message to the society that no matter what happens, you will never stop believing in your daughter. As a result, all those judgements and negative remarks will have no effect on your daughter.


4. Teach Her What Is Good And Bad Touch

It’s high time when you teach your daughter about good touch and bad touch, especially if she is a kid. The growing rape cases and child abuse clearly tell why it is important to make kids learn about the difference between good touch and bad touch. There can be times when your daughter may cross someone with sinful intentions.


5. Give Her Sex Education

Sex Education is quite important for today’s kid. It is not a thing to be kept hidden. You need to tell your daughter how her body will change when she enters her adolescence and how to respond to those changes. Sex education will help your daughter to improve her mindset and attitude towards her reproductive health. She can then understand that different people have their own sexuality and preferences


6. Support Her Dreams

This Daughter’s Day supports your daughter’s dreams. Your daughter may dream to become an astronaut, sports person or a pilot and there’s nothing wrong in it. Instead of yelling at your daughter and asking her to focus on household chores, you should help her fulfill her dreams. With your help, she will be able to break the glass ceiling and make her own identity.


7. Make Her Feel Empowered And Confident

We live in a society where people judge a woman’s beauty on certain parameters such as if she has a fair complexion, if she knows how to make tea, or if her face is spotless. You may not have an idea to what extent these parameters can affect a person’s life. To be honest, these parameters have no meaning as when they cannot define if a person is kind, decent or has a beautiful heart. Therefore, it is high time when you teach your daughter to be proud of herself and be confident in her skin. Let her know that having a beautiful and kind heart is way more important than having good looks.


8. Teach Her How To Deal With Judgements

No matter what you do, people will always judge you and your actions. Your daughter too may undergo the unnecessary judgements of people. In such cases, if she sits to pay heed to what people think about her, she may not be able to focus on her career and life. She may not feel confident of who she is and this can make her feel inferior at times. Therefore, it is important that you teach her how to deal with the unnecessary judgements


9. Try To Be Her Best Friend

Instead of being an intimidating and strict parent, it is important that you try to be the best friend of your daughter. Try to establish a bond where your daughter can share her feelings, thoughts, opinions and views without any fear. This way you will be able to know what’s going on in your daughter’s life and if she is going in the right direction. Moreover, you can then guide her during tough times and help her to make better decisions.

Being a parent is not an easy thing and we know that you will never want to see your child in any problem. We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you in shaping your daughter’s future and giving her a better life.


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