Dengue Wave Sweeps Through West Bengal: With Over 26k Cases, State Battles Worst Dengue Outbreak
Dengue Sweeps Through West Bengal: With Over 26k Cases, State Battles Worst Dengue Outbreak

Dengue fever is spreading rapidly in West Bengal. As per report, the state has logged over 26,000 new cases in the last 24 hours.

The dengue situation in West Bengal is alarmingly getting out of control. In the latest data, the state government has revealed that a total of over 26,000 people are infected in Bengal, marking it as the worst dengue outbreak the state has faced in a few years. According to sources from the state health department, the total number of affected people has been reported at 26,600.

They said that the alarming part is the sudden increase in the number within a gap of just 10 days. “As of September 10, the total number of affected people in the current season so far has been reported at 15,272 and within just 10 days the figure has risen to over 26,600,” said a state health department official.

One of the hotspots for the dengue virus in the state is Kolkata, where the situation is deteriorating at a rapid rate. As per data, the toll of the infection counts in Kolkata has already crossed 2,700. Among the districts, North 24 Parganas is the worst affected one, followed by Nadia.

Speaking about the preparedness of the state to handle a difficult situation in the upcoming days, the deputy mayor of KMC and Member-Mayor-in-Council (health) Atin Ghosh said that the health department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has cancelled the leaves of all the staff in that department for the next two months. He further added that they will also not be entitled to leave during the forthcoming festive seasons of Durga Puja and Diwali.

Cases Are Expected To Rise

Taking cognizance of the worsening situation, state officials have said that measures are being taken to control the widespread of the highly infectious DEN2 virus, which is currently dominant in Bengal. However, the officials have also warned that cases are expected to rise in the upcoming days, with the change in the climate. “Dengue virus can spread rapidly during the monsoon. Currently, Kolkata is experiencing heavy rains, which can be one of the contributing factors to the upcoming surge in dengue cases in the state,” an official told the media. He further said that the dengue cases are likely to increase in September and October.

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