Around 10 cases of incurable deadly flesh-eating dog disease have been reported across the UK since the beginning of the year.

Known as Alabama Rot, the “very rare” condition has led to the deaths of 318 dogs in the UK since 2012.

While the cause of the condition, also known as cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), is currently unknown, vets at Anderson Moores, a specialist clinic, believe it could be a bacteria or a toxin.

Owners are now being advised to be vigilant to skin lesions and wash the mud off of their dogs’ legs, tummies and paws after walks.

Dogs with the incurable condition can develop painful sores on their paws and legs which can damage the blood vessels in their skin.

However, The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) also warned that these ulcers may also crop up on a dog’s head, muzzle, tongue, flank and belly.

The sores can vary in severity and could resemble a cut, bruise or sting. Furthermore, RVC stresses that most skin ulcers won’t be caused by Alabama rot.

Joshua Walker, a vet at Anderson Moores, told GB News: “We know the disease is associated with increasing rainfall and increasing temperatures in the autumn.

“It might be that the very wet, slightly warmer November has led to a surge in cases – it’s important for everyone to be aware of the signs.”

Considered to be more common in the winter and spring months, Alabama Rot seems to target dogs who walk in muddy, woodland areas.

It affects only dogs, so other animals and humans aren’t at risk.

Alabama Rot is sadly often fatal, with just a 10 percent chance of dogs contracting the infection surviving. However, it is not contagious so it cannot be spread from one dog to another.

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