Dr Michael Mosley has highlighted a superstar food that could benefit your health in lots of ways, ranging from lower blood pressure to even possibly better performance between the sheets.

The doctor returned to Channel 4 on Monday with another round of health and diet tips. This week on Michael Mosley: Secrets Of Your Big Shop, the health guru went to meet a couple who spent a staggering £15,000 a year on takeaways.

The pair would consume 2.5 kg of fat every week and drive their blood pressure up to dangerously high levels as a result.

The Rooneys of Milton Keynes were met by Dr Mosley, who gave them a crash course in healthier eating. One of the doctor’s recommendations was a superfood vegetable.

Dr Mosley recommended giving up the takeaways and switching to fresh foods, including beetroot juice, instead.

The expert behind eating plans like the Fast 800 then went to visit a beetroot juice factory to reveal more about the potent drink. Dr Mosley told viewers: “Lawrence currently produces over eight million litres of beetroot juice every year.

“If you acquire the taste, the rewards are abundant. Reduced fatigue, strengthened muscles, increased endurance, and if the Romans were to be believed, something else.

“The Romans thought that consuming beetroot might considerably add to your sexual performance.”

Lawrence explained that it is one of those unanswered questions about beetroot, but the way the purple veg works “it seems to be logical”.

Mosley added: “It makes sense. Another thing that makes sense is to get more of this wonder veg into your diet and it’s super easy.”

The doctor recommended two tasty options: a beetroot risotto or a fizzy blended drink. What’s more, you can purchase a pack of cooked beetroot for as little as 62p.

He added: “A comforting beetroot risotto offers fibre, manganese and potassium. Or one for the juicers? A zingy beetroot spritz with fizzy water, a dash of orange juice and a twist of lime.

“Beetroots really are not much to look at but when it comes to treating high blood pressure, well, they just can’t be beat (beet). Apologies for that.”

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