Millennials rejoice—we officially have an excuse to bring “Lose Yourself” back to playlists everywhere (not that it ever left our workout mixes). Eminem is diversifying his successful rapper-restaurateur career with a venture into his own food product line and the product is, of course, none other than Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce.

The rapper owns a restaurant in Detroit called Mom’s Spaghetti, a joint that serves classic dishes like Spaghetti, Spaghetti w/ Balls, Spaghetti w/ Rabbit Balls (Vegan), and a S’Ghetti Sandwich, which you can get “Marshall Style” for an extra 75 cents (that means with a side of dipping sauce, as far as this reporter can tell).

But now, you don’t have to travel to Detroit to sample his classic family-style sauce: Mom’s Spaghetti jarred pasta sauce is available to order online and will start shipping out today, Oct. 30.

Here’s how Eminem’s brand describes this pasta sauce, complete with cooking instructions for the most authentic S’Ghetti experience: “​​Get your sweaters ready for some tasty s’ghetti sauce!!! For the most legitimate Mom’s Spaghetti pasta, pull some pre-cooked spaghetti from the fridge and reheat in a frying pan while adding your Mom’s Spaghetti sauce … It’s ready when the noodles have a bit of a snap and the sauce is heated to taste…That’s how you get a great leftover taste the first time around! Add powdered parm and serve with some Texas toast with garlic butter for s’ghetti.”

You can get a single jar for ($13) or a two-pack for ($25) on the Mom’s Spaghetti website, and while both versions of the product are sold out already, you can be sure the Missouri-born rapper will be restocking ASAP. What’s really remarkable is what a successful venture Eminem has built around the concept of Mom’s Spaghetti, given the frankly unappealing original reference with the lyrics “his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy// There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” But hey—that lyric embedded itself into the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere, and there’s no celeb story we love so much as a successful pivot.

While the brand recommends serving this sauce with leftover spaghetti and garlic bread, there are plenty of ways to ramp up the protein and veggie content if you’re looking to mix this comforting red sauce with a more well-rounded meal. Alternate noodle styles like chickpea or lentil pasta will add an extra punch of protein, while something like zucchini noodles with add a serving of vegetables to your plate.

If you really want to copy the Detroit menu, you can add some meatballs to your plate, but we think this sauce would be just as good in something like a chicken parm too, combining the melted mozzarella on Mom’s Spaghetti’s signature sandwich with breaded chicken cutlets and a heaping serving of sauce—and yes, this one also pairs nicely with spaghetti, if you’re so inclined.

However you serve it up, Eminem’s culinary forays have earned him praise for cooking that truly does taste like you pulled it out of your mom’s fridge, in the best way. As we gear up for winter, there’s nothing we want more than a little taste of cozy home cooking, especially when the work is done for us. Stock up on Mom’s Spaghetti sauce when you can for any and all Italian-American classics you’ve been craving, no weak knees or heavy arms required.

Louisa Ballhaus

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