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A face yoga expert has given her verdict on how to get glowing skin (Image: Getty)

A face yoga expert has revealed the six simple hacks to glowing, youthful skin.

Danielle Collins, 42, has been teaching face yoga for 18 years and shared her top tips for those wanting to have naturally good skin regardless of age.

And while some may think perfect skin comes with a hefty price tag, all of these hacks come with a fairly low cost.

From around the age of 25 the first signs of ageing start to become apparent on the surface of the skin.

Starting with fine lines and a loss of moisture, the skin’s ageing process progresses over time. And with so many products on the market, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

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1. Face yoga

Face yoga has become more popular in recent months thanks to the likes of TikTok sharing different methods for “exercising” the face at home.

Danielle said: “I have been doing face yoga for almost two decades. It’s a combination of facial exercises, facial massage, accupressure, relaxation and wellbeing. It’s strengthening and toning some muscles in the skin, and learning to relax others.”

For those who would rather get it done professionally, there are plenty of beauty salons now offering face yoga treatments.

2. Protein

While it’s common knowledge that protein is important in an everyday diet, it has particular benefits when it comes to producing collagen in the skin.

Due to pollution, stress, sun exposure and other toxins, the body’s capacity to produce collagen starts to deplete at age 30.

“It really helps with our collagen in our skin. We naturally lose collagen as we get older so each year we age, our skin has less of that bounce back ability, less of that firmness and plumpness. You really want to include some quality protein in every meal. This is going to make such a difference to repair the collagen,” Danielle explained.

3. Antioxidants

Our skin is exposed to toxins daily, from air pollutants to daily activities. One of the biggest culprits for exposing skin to toxins is public transport, with those using the London Underground particularly at risk.

Danielle said: “A big reason why our skin ages is because we are exposed to toxins. A way that we want to reduce those toxins in our skin is by eating a diet high in antioxidants. This includes green leafy vegetables, berries, citrus fruits. You can even include things like dark chocolate and green tea.”

4. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation can lead to several skin conditions, including acne and fine lines. It’s also very common, with signs being redness, heat or puffiness.

But there is a way to reduce inflammation, and it’s simpler than you might think.

“Inflammation can cause many problems in the skin. A big reason we get inflammation is due to stress and sun damage but also what we eat. One of the worst culprits is sugar. I’d love to say I am completely sugar free – I’m not. The only other two things I avoid are alcohol and caffeine. I do have a little bit of sugar but I am mindful of the sugar I have. If you can reduce sugar, it will help your skin,” Danielle said.

5. Reduce exposure to the sun

UV rays have been known to cause dark spots and ageing. But with sunbeds and tanning still a leading culprit for skin cancer in the UK, there are other ways to get your Vitamin D fix without exposing your body to the harmful rays.

Danielle said: “It’s estimated 80 to 90 percent of the damage to our skin is because of sun damage. The sun is a good way of getting Vitamin D, so what I do is in the summer months, I expose my arms and legs to about 15 minutes of the sun without sun lotion on so I get Vitamin D.

“It’s important to remember if you live in the UK, you can only really get Vitamin D from the sun between April and October. I always wear an SPF on my face – this is key for helping the skin stay healthy and youthful.”

6. Mindset

And the final tip is one that can have numerous benefits – not just for the skin. Danielle says changing your mindset is important when looking to show off your healthy, glowing skin.

“How we feel on the inside makes a massive difference to how we look on the outside. Even if we’re using the SPF, eating the right foods, doing face yoga, but inside we are speaking negative thoughts to ourselves, feeling low about ourselves, this will show. Get in the habit of doing affirmations. Also use the power of visualisation that is used by many successful people to help shift your mindset,” Danielle explained.

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