HAILEY Bieber’ has grown to be angry with her father after he made some public statements about her relationship.

Her father Stephen Baldwin, 57, recently made a video asking fans to pray for Hailey, 27, and Justin, 29.

Stephen Baldwin made a video about his daughter's relationship

Stephen Baldwin made a video about his daughter’s relationshipCredit: Instagram/stephenbaldwin7
In the video, Stephen suggests that Hailey and Justin's relationship is on the rocks

In the video, Stephen suggests that Hailey and Justin’s relationship is on the rocksCredit: Getty

After the video was posted, it quickly got around to Hailey, and, according to TMZ, she was mad.

The request for prayers didn’t come at random, apparently, they were related to something specific regarding the couple, according to a source.

Although the exact issue is unknown, fans believe the couple could be heading for a divorce.

Whatever the problem may be, the model’s father is clearly aware and chose to make it public.

Even though his meaning could be well-intentioned, insiders claimed Hailey’s not happy with her father asking for public support.


Hailey’s father fueled speculation that her marriage with Justin is on the rocks when he dropped a cryptic post about his daughter and son-in-law on his Instagram Stories this week.

In the post, film star Stephen directly referenced the couple by name.

Hailey’s dad shared a video of pop music icon Justin singing a hymn and added a cryptic caption to the clip.

“Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection, and to draw close to the Lord,” Stephen wrote.

Many fans quickly linked Stephen’s post to the young couple’s marriage, after weeks of speculation that they were headed for divorce.

One fan shared a screenshot of the post to another Reddit thread and wrote, “So weird her father is posting this.”

“I think they are soft-launching their divorce. It’s clear as day,” said one person in response.

“Looks like it…” a second social media user agreed.


On Wednesday, Hailey shared a photo of herself eating alone at her LA mansion.

The socialite shared a snap holding a cup of what appeared to be a yogurt parfait from Erewhon Supermarket.

The influencer’s nails were painted in a nude color and she made sure the camera caught the tiny tattoo on her left pointer finger as well as her wedding band.

In the background, fans could tell Hailey was alone, as she sat in an empty room decorated in neutral tones, a wooden chair, and a giant plush white teddy bear.

The post came after fans theorized that Hailey and Justin were already secretly divorced.

On a forum dedicated to Hailey, one fan asked, “Is anyone else wondering where the Biebers have gone? Since the Super Bowl, it’s been radio silent. No pap walks, no personal Instagram stories… honestly, I’m curious.”

The duo have indeed been fairly reclusive over the past few weeks, with Hailey spotted dancing at the Super Bowl without Justin after checking into their hotel, and later failing to think of any fun Valentine’s Day memories.

Fans believe that Hailey and Justin are heading to a divorce

Fans believe that Hailey and Justin are heading to a divorceCredit: Getty
Stephen asked that fans send prayers to the couple

Stephen asked that fans send prayers to the coupleCredit: Instagram/stephenbaldwin7
Hailey was spotted eating alone while in her LA mansion

Hailey was spotted eating alone while in her LA mansionCredit: Getty
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