Another theory as to where the twin rumor originated is the fact that David Bromstad does have a brother, and they do look a lot alike. Granted, we think you can spot a slight age difference, and their coloring is completely different. However, we wouldn’t be shocked if many believed they were fraternal twins. 

David is the youngest of four siblings, with two older sisters, Dynelle and Dyonne Bromstad, and a brother, Dean Bromstad. While he certainly seems to keep himself out of the public eye compared to his younger brother, Dean does make the occasional appearance on his family’s Facebook accounts. And, as seen in several of the pics uploaded to the platform by their father, Richard Bromstad, there’s definitely a strong resemblance between him and his HGTV star younger brother. Of course, Dean seems to have inherited their dad’s lighter coloring, with blue eyes and light brown hair, while the HGTV personality certainly has their mom’s darker hair and eyes. Even so, their smile, eyes, and even face shape are nearly identical. 

In all honesty, put Dean in a bright outfit with some fabulous giant pearl necklaces, and we may start questioning their twin status, too! Even so, these two are just brothers. 

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