Cal Foote does not have a wife and has not married his long-term lover, Julia Wrobel. The New Jersey Devils star has attempted to keep his dating life out of the public eye. His final Instagram post was with his girlfriend. Since then, the defenseman has attempted to keep his social media presence low-key. Foote is the son of former NHL player Adam Foote, who is now an assistant coach with the Vancouver Canucks. Adam had a fantastic reputation as a defenseman during his tenure in the NHL, making it tough for Cal to match.

Foote has struggled to make an impression in the NHL since making his debut with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2020. And now, the 25-year-old seems to be involved in a police probe into the sexual assault of five Canadian World Junior team members from 2018.

Cal Foote Wife: Is He Married to Girlfriend Julia Wrobel?

Cal Foote, the New Jersey Devils defenseman, does not have a wife and is not married to his girlfriend Julia Wrobel. The pair has tried to keep their relationship quiet as much as possible. The couple made their romance public in October 2022. On Instagram, the hockey star published a selfie of himself and Julia, who were most likely attending an afternoon meal gathering.

Cal Foote

The duo was color matched, with Wrobel wearing a short blue flowery dress and Foote in a blue suit and white shirt. The hockey player chose not to wear a tie, resulting in an easygoing appearance. Cal captioned the image with a single red heart emoji, and Julia responded with a happy heart emoji. Cal’s second image of him and Julia was shared on August 31, 2023. The two wore color-coordinated outfits to an event at Whistle Bear Golf Club. This is Cal’s final Instagram post, and he has restricted the number of comments. If Julia’s Instagram account had been made public, we would have learned more about her. Julia’s surname, Wrobel, has Polish origins, so it wouldn’t be surprising if her family eventually relocated in the United States.

Cal Foote Carrer at Risk?

Cal Foote, 25, debuted in the National Hockey League against the Chicago Blackhawks during the 2020 season. The Tampa Bay Lightning selected the defenseman 14th overall in the 2017 NHL draft. Foote began his AHL career with the Syracuse Crunch before moving on to the NHL. Foot was previously selected into the Western Hockey League by the Kelowna Rockets. Foote appeared in 202 Rockets games and scored 163 points between 2015 and 2017. Cal played 155 games for Syracuse, scoring 64 points. Cal appeared in 35 games with the Lightning in his first season but made no significant contributions.

The Lightning traded Foote to the Nashville Predators halfway through the 2022 season in exchange for Tanner Jeannot. Foote played 24 games during his short stay in Nashville and signed with the New Jersey Devils in 2023. However, despite the fact that his career has yet to take off, Foote seems to have already tarnished his reputation. Foote and colleague Michael McLeod have been given an indefinite leave of absence from the squad.

The New Jersey Devils announced on Wednesday. The move was made after The Globe and Mail revealed that five members of the 2018 junior hockey team were scheduled to face sexual assault charges in London, Ontario, Canada.

Cal Foote

Cal Foote Case

The initial case started in 2018, when a horrific incidence of gang sexual assault was reported. The story initially surfaced in 2020, with a lady claiming to be inebriated when she returned to her hotel room and was sexually attacked by five guys. Hockey Canada resolved the claim to save their cherished sport’s reputation from being harmed. However, in July 2022, the case was reopened due to intense public outcry.

Finally, The Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday that authorities had urged five players from the 2018 team to surrender. Three hours after the news broke, Michael McLeod and Cal, who were on the 2018 team, were said to be on temporary leave. Carter Hart of the Flyers, Dillon Dube of the Flames, and Alex Formenton, who has taken leave from his European team HC Ambrí-Piotta to return to Canada, are the last three players out of action.