Nipah Virus In Kerala: Schools, Colleges In Kozhikode To Remain Shut Till Sep 24
Kerala Nipah Virus Outbreak: Schools, Colleges In Kozhikode To Remain Shut Till Sep 24

Amid the massive outbreak of deadly Nipah virus in Kerala, all educational institutions in the Kozhikode district will be closed through September 24.

The Kerala government has extended the school and college holidays in Kozhikode district to September 24 in response to an unexpected Nipah epidemic. This closure order must be complied with by all educational institutions, including colleges, schools, and tuition centres. Online classes, on the other hand, will go on all week.

This announcement comes after a 39-year-old man tested positive for the deadly brain-damaging Nipah virus infection on Friday, bringing the total case count to six. Two individuals have tragically lost their lives due to this virus.

In a statement to the media on Friday regarding the deteriorating Nipah situation in Kerala, State Health Minister Veena George stated that there are currently 1,080 people on the contact list of sick people, with 130 new additions just the day before. 327 of these patients are medical professionals. Furthermore, 29 people on the contact list are from nearby districts, including 22 people from Malappuram, three people from Kannur, three people from Thrissur, and one person from Wayanad. Notably, 122 healthcare personnel and 175 patients fall within the high-risk category. According to Minister George, there will probably be more people added to the contact list.

How Does Nipah Virus Enter Your Body?

The Nipah virus (NiV) is a zoonotic (animal to human) virus that can potentially spread through tainted food or directly between individuals. It can cause a variety of ailments in infected individuals, including asymptomatic (subclinical) infection, acute respiratory sickness, and deadly encephalitis. Additionally, the virus can cause serious illness in pigs and other animals, costing producers a great deal of money.

According to Dr. Rajiv Bahl, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Nipah virus has a much greater mortality rate than the Covid-19 virus. “Mortality among those infected with the Nipah virus is very high-between 40 and 70% percent as compared to that of Covid, which was around 2-3 percent,” Dr. Bahl stated.

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