KYLIE Jenner has shared a new picture where she flaunts her natural beauty after fans thought she looked like a statue.

Kylie, 26, posted the photo in the middle of a massive photo dump on her Instagram.

Kylie Jenner posted this natural photo on Instagram

Kylie Jenner posted this natural photo on InstagramCredit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner
Earlier this week, fans said she looked 'waxy'

Earlier this week, fans said she looked ‘waxy’Credit: Instagram jeanvictoranglio

The pictures were posted on Monday while the Kardashian sister was at Paris Fashion Week.

It showed her sitting next to a friend on a green and white bench as she took the very causal selfie.

She was wearing a black fur coat in the snap, but she neglected to put on any glam and minimal makeup.

Kylie was smiling and laughing at the camera as her perfect teeth showed through her glossy lips.

She captioned the post: “To more good days” with a drinking emoji.

This natural look was in extreme contrast to the flawless glam looks she’s been wearing during Fashion Week.


On a Reddit board for The Kardashians, some fans called her out for having an unnatural natural look while others liked it.

The original poster asked: “Why does she looooook soooo much better makeup free?”

“More herself. Her old self,” they continued.

In reply, a fan said: “She’s wearing makeup in all posted photos.”

“She edits the photos,” replied another.

A third commented: “Bc filler gives you features that makeup provides. So with makeup on top of that, it looks CrAzY.”

“Idk but I hate how she constantly opens her mouth & unhinges her clip-on jaw,” wrote a critic.


Kylie has been turning heads and not all of the reactions have been positive.

She made an appearance at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture show wearing an all-white, sheer, gown – but fans said she looked “waxy.”

She wore a tight white mini dress hugging her curves and a long piece of sheer white fabric flowed to the floor.

She appeared to wear a little bronzer and self-tanner, which is a complete flip from how she used to style her looks.

Kylie wore little eye makeup and kept her lips light and pink, but some fans hated the look, despite it being minimal.

One Reddit user said: “Something is off but I can’t tell what?”

Another critic slammed: “Her face looks waxy.”

A third said: “Her face here…. it looks like she’s melting.”

Fans online have grown to love Kylie's natural look

Fans online have grown to love Kylie’s natural lookCredit: kyliejenner
Other critics have noted that her natural look still includes makeup

Other critics have noted that her natural look still includes makeupCredit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner
The photos were all taken at Paris Fashion Week

The photos were all taken at Paris Fashion WeekCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

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