As RedState previously reported, unfortunately, the mainstream media have been busy doing some pretty predictable things in the aftermath of the mass shooting that happened Monday at a privately-owned Christian elementary school in Nashville after 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who identified as “he/him,” opened fire on her former school, leaving six dead including three nine-year-old children.

Shortly after Hale began her rampage, she was located by Metro Nashville police officers who confronted her and took care of business.

Among the tiresome blame games The Usual Suspects in the press are playing: Pointing fingers at “the right” for not supporting gender-affirming care for minors, tying GOP Rep. Andy Ogles (who represents the Congressional district in question) to the murders because he supports gun rights, and burying the lede.

And though it’s crystal clear in the eyes of most sane people who the actual victims were on Monday, some in the MSM have found the “real victims” of it all: transgender persons, as noted by NBC News:


And CNN, as documented by my RS colleague and fellow media critic Brad Slager:

Not surprisingly, the lack of self-awareness in these reports is simply stunning considering the fact that it was the mainstream media itself which early on focused on making sure they didn’t “misgender” Hale, as we also reported:

So the media made sure to heavily emphasize Hale’s transgender identity within hours of the mass shooting, but when the right picked up on it it was suddenly wrong and in effect put the trans community in danger? Same for the media/left getting to assign blame before all facts are known, but the right is not allowed to weigh in with their own speculations.

These are, of course, the left’s/media’s rules, but the right is correct not to let them dictate the terms of the debate. You would not ever, ever see the media portraying conservatives in a sympathetic light in the aftermath of a mass shooting that allegedly involved a conservative-leaning individual, and you danged sure shouldn’t see it coming from them now. But we do, because even in the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy involving innocent kids they can’t turn off the wokeness, not even for five minutes.

If the press is still searching for reasons why trust in their industry has plummeted to all-time-lows, they need to look no further than how they’re behaving now. It’s downright shameful, but it’s just who they are.

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