McDonald’s fans are an extremely inventive bunch, frequently devising genius ordering tricks and tips that go viral on social media. The latest hack to reach viral status, however, is proving to be wildly divisive.

In a video last week that has racked up 1.1 million views, TikToker @seebiedeebie documented her process for meal-prepping and freezing a whopping 80 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets for her son.

“These are the only nuggets that my child eats. So that’s why I buy so many of them and I freeze them,” she said.

She started by dumping all of the nuggets into a big plastic Ziploc bag then squeezed out all of the air and sealed it. The TikToker then stored the bag in the fridge for a day before transferring it to the freezer. Refrigerating the nuggets first helps them cool down completely so they won’t stick together once they hit the freezer, she said

The TikToker explained that whenever her son is hungry, she’ll arrange 10 of the frozen nuggets on a plate and microwave them on high for a minute and 30 seconds. While the child was shown happily enjoying his McNuggets at the end of the video, viewers had a lot of opinions on the TikToker’s meal-prepping method.

On the one hand, some heavily questioned her decision to feed her child reheated frozen fast food.

“Refreezing nuggets that were already processed and frozen? Yeah that’s crazy,” one TikTok user commented.

“I can’t believe that you fed him this ‘food.’ Poor kid,” another said.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (1)McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (1)
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Many also chastised her for feeding her son McDonald’s nuggets just because that’s what he prefers, recalling their own childhoods when they either ate what their parents cooked or purportedly didn’t eat at all.

“When I was a kid we ate what was prepared or we went hungry. We had no say in what was for dinner,” a commenter said.

On the other hand, others defended the mom and thought her meal prep hack was absolutely genius.

“Why haven’t I thought about this for myself!” a TikToker commented.

“Do whatever works for you and YOUR family. Don’t worry about all these mean comments,” another wrote.

Even @seebiedeebie eventually took to the comments section under the video to defend her parenting style and choices. Responding to a TikToker who commented that they “only ate what Mom cooked or starved,” @seebiedeebie wrote: “I’m sorry I don’t want that for my kids. Nor did my mom want that for us.”

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