There are many things people do to start their day, from eating breakfast to taking the dog for a walk. But according to naturopathic doctor Dr Janine Bowring, one thing that should come above all things, is going for a morning poo.

Advising her followers on TikTok, Dr Bowring said: “According to traditional Chinese medicine, morning elimination, so having that poop in the morning, is the optimal organ time to have that bowel movement.”

She then explained: “We know that the body has processed and detoxified throughout the night through the liver and the kidneys and all those toxins that we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

“Then we dump that load through the bowels in the morning to start the day again.”

Circadian timing helps signal to the body to have a proper bowel movement, said Dr Bowring.

It’s based on the light and dark cycle of the day and temperature changes in the night, which typically is lower.

In the day, when things warm up, this is what signals to the body to have that proper bowel movement.

Dr Bowring added: “So my tip here – whenever you can see that early morning light, allow your body to warm up naturally in the morning first thing to help to stimulate that good poop.”

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