It may be considered a disgusting habit, but research has shown more people urinate in the shower than you might think.

A survey published in 2020 asked 1,010 Brits and Americans about their shower habits.

And although most of them said they wouldn’t openly admit it, 68 percent of men and 56 percent of women admitted to urinating in the shower.

On top of this the results gathered by bathroom specialists QS Supplies revealed that many people are comfortable not only urinating in their home shower, but also at work – with 32 percent of respondents admitting to this.

While it may be fairly common practice, one expert has warned against it.

Speaking on social media platform TikTok, Doctor Jen Caudle from the US, gave three reasons not to urinate in the shower.

She said: “It can be gratifying for some to pee in the shower.

“There’s also the potential time saving element, right? You’re multitasking, getting a couple things done at once.

“And depending on how long you pee, how much water you’re using, etcetera, it could potentially conserve some water.”

She continued: “But cons, let’s talk about those. And by the way, there’s a lot of people who pee in the shower.

“There’s a study showing that a lot of people report doing this.”

Her three reasons were:

  • Urine is not sterile
  • It isn’t good for pelvic floor muscles
  • The habit might become habitual.

“Number one, urine is not sterile,” she said.

“So theoretically, in the theoretical world, if you had urinated onto a cut or an open wound, it could potentially get infected.

“How likely is that? I think that the likelihood is very low, but it exists.

“I would say the other thing, too, is that, you know, peeing in the shower may not be great for pelvic floor muscles, in women something to keep in mind.

“Also, I would say don’t do it in public places if you’re going to pee in the shower.

“And by the way, if you’re in public places, in the shower like, you go to your gym or whatever, wear shower shoes.”

She added: “Maybe the other con is you could possibly get habituated to, peeing when you hear shower water, right?

“You get used to it. You get used to peeing when there’s a shower.

“So it depends on how you feel about that.”

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