The UK may be a small country, but it certainly has diversity when it comes to its towns, cities and landscapes.

Residents in different areas can therefore live extremely different lives to each other.

This is reflected in a new study, which revealed how certain areas of the UK are far healthier than others.

The 2023 Healthiest Areas of the UK Index, conducted by Blue Horizon, considered 12 health-related points to do so, ranking 307 places accordingly.

“Our study looks beyond appearances to find the 20 healthiest and least healthy cities in the UK,” Blue Horizon explains.

“We analysed factors such as air quality, admissions to hospitals, the number of cancer patients in the country, and others to determine which locations had the healthiest individuals overall.

“By reviewing 12 key factors and completing a thorough analysis, we were able to determine the 20 healthiest areas for you to live and visit throughout the UK as well as areas with higher than average rates of illness and the potential for shortened life spans.”

Among the healthiest places in the UK named was Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

The spa town placed 10th with an overall score of 75 out of a possible 80.

It ranked highly for air quality and healthy eating, while placing low for drug and alcohol misuse.

“Harrogate, a tourist destination, made it into the top 10 on our list thanks to earning 75 points on our 80-point scale,” Blue Horizon said.

“This spa town in North Yorkshire has good air quality (5.5 PM 2.5), which may be why the town has a high percentage of active adults (73.9 percent).

“62.7 percent of adults say they eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily, which may correlate with the low number of people with kidney and liver disease (1.2 percent).

“The percentage of admissions to the hospital for alcohol-related diagnoses is 390.5 per 100,000, and drug misuse involves 2.3 offences per 1,000.

“These favourable findings may explain the low prevalence of mental health conditions (9.6 percent).”

Harrogate has plenty to offer both its residents and visitors, boasting several spa facilities, including its Turkish Baths, which was part of the Royal Baths complex built in 1897.

It sits on the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and national park, meaning it is the ideal destination for hikers and lovers of nature.

“In the heart of Yorkshire, this is your perfect base for a day, a weekend or a week,” Visit Harrogate says.

“Indulge your passions and your senses and visit the Harrogate area for a memorable break. With such a varied range of events in Harrogate, you will find there is always something taking place to capture your interest

“Your visit can be as active or as indulgent as you like when you explore things to do in Harrogate.

“With the Yorkshire Dales on the doorstep there is plenty of scope for adventure activities during your stay, from mountain biking to rock climbing and abseiling, or just a bracing walk across the fells.”

According to Rightmove, properties in Harrogate had an overall average price of £408,032 over the last year.

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