A fitness expert, who helps women lose belly fat in menopause, has revealed a simple exercise that could shape your belly even at a certain age. The expert, known on TikTok as Menopause with Siobhan, explained you only need 10 minutes every morning to keep your belly flat.

What’s more, this beginner-friendly exercise could also be suitable for people who haven’t exercised in years.

The fitness expert penned: “Flatten that belly with this fast routine you can do at home. All you need is 10 minutes every morning. This beginner workout is great even if you haven’t exercised in years.”

She then demonstrates how to practice this easy movement in a video. The expert starts by standing up straight on a yoga matt, while keeping a gap between her legs. Her hands are perched in front of her chest with her fingers are intertwined.

Once you are in this starting position, all you have to do is lift your right knee towards your left elbow, while twisting your torso to help you reach this position. When you’re done with the right knee, you need to switch to your left one and repeat the session.

The fitness guru recommended doing both sides for 30 seconds and then repeating it three times.

Although the expert is doing the exercise really fast in the video, she recommended starting slow.

She also explained in the comments that you could build up to the time she set out. “It’s about getting our bodies moving,” the fitness expert added.

While this exercise could help target your belly, experts often warn that it’s impossible to spot reduce fat. Unlike muscles, where you can specifically target areas where you want to build them, you simply can’t choose a specific spot where you want your body to lose fat.

Fortunately, the “answer is simple” when it comes to an effective way to lose belly fat, according to Female Fitness Coach Tina. She explained you need to create a calorie deficit where your body is burning more calories than it’s consuming. You can achieve this through moving more, eating less, or a combination of both.

She said: “When your body is burning more energy than it’s consuming, it starts resorting to your stored body fat to burn extra energy from it needs to function— this is how we lose fat. Unfortunately we have no control over where we lose fat from first (my love handles/belly is usually the last to go). But all the unwanted fat will eventually go if you stay consistent.”

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