How to do the sirtfood diet 

Though the diet is often hailed as easy to follow thanks to the fact it includes red wine and dark chocolate, it’s fairly strict in its guidelines. 

The sirtfood plan relies on dieters restricting their calorie intake as well as eating a specific list of foods that are said to boost the metabolism. 

The three-week plan involves an initial seven-day phase, followed by two weeks on phase two, AKA the “maintenance” phase. 

One of the key components is a green juice which the founders call “rocket fuel”, which followers of the diet have to make up to three times a day. 

Sirtfood green juice recipe

75 grams (2.5 oz) kale

30 grams (1 oz) arugula (rocket)

5 grams parsley

2 celery sticks

1 cm (0.5 in) ginger

half a green apple

half a lemon

half a teaspoon matcha green tea

Using a blender, juice all of the ingredients except for the green tea powder and lemon together, and pour them into a glass. Juice the lemon by hand, then stir both the lemon juice and green tea powder in. 

This juice is important for phase one, which is designed to jump-start the weight loss. It involves restricting calories to just 1,000 a day (which is below the recommended daily intake). 

Anyone following the plan would have three green juices per day plus one meal. 

In the last three days of that initial week, the calorie intake increases to 1,500 a day, so you can add two more meals and have just two juices. 

The recipes are all laid out in the official book, and include meals such as omelettes, salads and stir fries. 

In phase two, dieters can then enjoy three sirtfood-rich meals and one sirtfood green juice a day, rather than watching the calorie count.

According to the founders, you should lose weight steadily throughout the plan. 

Source: Daily Express | Diet