Tim McKyer’s net worth and earnings decreased in the early 2000s as he went through a difficult divorce with his ex-wife. For years, the former NFL star struggled for custody of his two boys. McKyer excitingly began his NFL career. He earned back-to-back Super Bowl championships with the 49ers in 1988 and 1989. However, he had a horrible reputation for being a disgruntled person.

He got that reputation early in his career, but it stayed with him until the end. This also led to his retirement in 1998, since no clubs offered him a contract. Recently, the three-time Super Bowl winner collided with several automobiles in a South Florida parking garage. McKyer, 60, was arrested early Monday and charged with five counts of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in property damage of more than $50, a traffic misdemeanor for leaving the scene, and a traffic ticket for failing to report.

Tim McKyer’s Net Worth 2024

Tim McKyer’s net worth is in the six-figure range, which is lower than one would anticipate from the league’s best-paid cornerback. The former NFL player was a journeyman, lasting just one season with each organization. In 1986, the 49ers picked McKyer. McKyer won two Super Bowls with the team but had disagreements with the 49ers’ administration. He accused his bosses of being racist. So, when it came to contract negotiations in 1989, McKyer and the 49ers didn’t agree.

Tim McKyer

He was granted a two-year, $1.2-million contract, putting him among the top ten highest-paid cornerbacks in the league. However, he thought the 49ers should have given him the contract at the start of the discussions. McKyer was traded to the Dolphins in 1990, although he only spent one season with the organization. McKyer earned $619,000 in his one season with the Dolphins, including a bonus.

After one season with the Dolphins, Tim signed with the Atlanta Falcons, where his compensation was less than $800,000. His representative had begun the deal at $1 million, but the pay kept decreasing. He eventually joined the Atlanta Falcons and formed a connection with Deion Sanders. He spent two seasons with the Falcons before joining the Lions in 1993, the Steelers in 1994, the Panthers in 1995, and returning to the Falcons in 1996.

McKyer received a three-year deal when he returned to the Falcons for a second tenure. However, he only remained with the team for one season. McKyer signed with the Denver Broncos for $275,000 in his last NFL season. McKyer’s third Super Bowl triumph came with the Broncos. In a 1998 interview, McKyer said that despite the NFL’s dearth of excellent cornerbacks, he had gotten no offers from any of the clubs.

Tim McKyer, a former NFL Player, And His Family

Tim McKyer did not have the finest upbringing. He was raised in a government housing complex in Orlando with seven brothers and two sisters. When he was just 10 years old, the former NFL great lost his father. His father was slain. Tim began accepting responsibility at an early age and worked as a trash collector on a loading dock during the summer to support his family. As a result, Tim and his family had a life-changing event when he made his NFL debut. Tim bought his mother, Lillie, a house shortly after signing his first professional deal with the 49ers.

Tim McKyer

The player purchased his mother a new Oldsmobile and a four-bedroom home. Tim married Fontella McKyer and has two boys. However, their love was short-lived, and they split up in 2000. The sportsman battled for primary custody of his boys, and the two were locked in a vicious divorce fight for years. McKyer got primary custody of his boys in 2002, but the court awarded Fontella the majority of his money and property. It was also revealed that his money no longer belonged to him and instead belonged to the state.