An expert has revealed a simple eye exercise that can make you look 10 years younger.

Parmita Katkar, a face yoga coach, took to social media to share tips and tricks to instantly appear more youthful.

She recommended one exercise in particular – applying light pressure to the inner eye corners using your fingers and rocking them back and forth for about five seconds.

Next, you move your fingers about half an inch lower along the orbital bone, applying light pressure and rocking your fingers for another five seconds.

Do this in half-inch increments along the bone, rocking the fingers for a few seconds in each spot until you get to the outer corner of your eyes.

Katmar said: “With a few minutes of massage every day, you’ll soon be on track to looking younger and feeling refreshed.”

The tip was well-received by commenters. One said: “I think these exercises are very helpful if one is working on a computer for eight hours. This will instantly relax their eyes.”

Another said: “My mom did these for years and so did I but for some reason I stopped. I’m glad these videos are reminding me to keep doing them.”

The California-based face yoga coach has also made videos aiming to help people “fix droopy eyelids”, “fix an asymmetrical smile”, “reduce face fat” and more.

Another tip has been shared by TikToker A Girl Called Dave. The 54-year-old shared her 25 pence hack to banish wrinkles and fine lines without Botox.

Her method is simple: she cracked egg whites into a bowl and applied the mixture to her face using a pastry brush. After letting it set she revealed the end results, which included visibly fewer lines on her face and lifted eyes.

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