Where you live influences your lifestyle, which further influences your mental and physical well-being. Countries like Norway, Denmark and Germany are known for being sustainable, Thailand and Brazil for their fresh produce, and others for promoting a brisk and healthy lifestyle. 

Switzerland, Denmark and France, for instance, record consistently lower BMI compared to the UK. This is illustrative of the impact that environment, social life and work culture can have on our bodies.

New research shows that moving to certain European countries could lead to weight loss of up to 21lbs.

According to Ski Vertigo: “This study highlights the potential weight benefits of relocating to certain European regions and reminds us of the diverse activities these regions offer. For instance, Switzerland and Austria are renowned not just for their lower BMIs, but also for their skiing culture, which naturally promotes good health.”

According to the study, the top five European countries which offer women the potential and opportunity to lose weight include:

  1. Switzerland – 20.7lbs
  2. France – 17.9lbs
  3. Denmark – 16.1lbs
  4. Austria – 15.7lbs
  5. Italy – 14.3lbs.

The study, which uses pre-existing data on BMI, provided a similar list of the top five countries for men, which include:

  1. France – 10.8lbs
  2. Netherlands – 10.8lbs
  3. Portugal – 9.5lbs
  4. Denmark – 8.8lbs
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina – 8.1lbs. 

The activities, cultures and practices inherent to these regions contribute to their overall health statistics.

Cities in Denmark, Italy, and the Netherlands are among the top five most walkable European cities, according to Yahoo! Finance. So it makes perfect sense that these countries make recurring appearances in the list, as they naturally incorporate cardio by the very means of living there. 

According to Whole Food Earth, a French diet is among the healthiest European cuisines. This is one of the many reasons why living in France might dramatically elevate your fitness levels.

The study demonstrates what we’ve always known about our lifestyle choices – the more integrated it is with your everyday routine, the more effortless the route to fitness is.

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