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RelationshipsValentine's Day 2021: Best Things To Do That You'll Always Remember

Valentine’s Day 2021: Best Things To Do That You’ll Always Remember


1. Make A Surprise Breakfast For Your Partner

Let us get this straight that having a delicious and healthy breakfast is the best way to start one’s morning. So how about preparing a surprise breakfast for your partner and surprise him/her with the same. You will surely earn brownie points if you are someone who either doesn’t know how to cook or doesn’t like to cook. You can either think of making a sandwich toast or pancakes. We bet you, your partner will definitely love this.


2. Go For Trekking

If you and your partner love adventure and are always up for exploring places then, trekking can be another unique thing that you can do on this Valentine’s Day. Going on a scenic trekking with your partner can make your Valentine’s Day memorable. So pack your bags and grab your partner’s hand to go for some adventure in the mountains.


3. Write Love Letters To Your Partner

Who said writing love letters is quite old-fashioned? They are still a big yes, especially if you want to make your partner feel loved and special. Penning down your emotions and letting your partner know that how you feel for him/her can be another way of celebrating the festival of love. Even if you are not good at writing things, just write down your genuine feelings and keep it at a place where your partner is most likely to find it.


4. Enjoy Swimming In A Pool

If you have always wanted to play water games with your partner in a swimming pool, then how about enjoying a day in the same? Spending time with your partner while swimming and playing games will not only help you in rejuvenating yourself but also in making some memories with your partner. So all you need to do is take your partner to a pool with a good ambience.


5. Go On A Picnic

Going on a picnic with your partner on Valentine’s Day is another unique and cool idea that will make your day memorable. You will be able to breathe in the fresh air and take a lane down to your memories. Trust us, you’ll definitely enjoy going on a picnic with your partner on a sunny and windy day. For this, you can pack some tasty snacks along with hot tea or coffee, juice, a mat and board games.


6. Enjoy A Staycation

Are you bored of doing the same thing every time and looking for a change? Well, then you can surely think of enjoying a staycation with your partner. For this, you may need to book a room in a fancy hotel with meals. After this, you can enjoy cuddling with your partner. You can opt for room service while you enjoy taking a bubble bath with your partner. This will not only provide you the needed privacy but will also help you in igniting the spark in your relationship.


7. Binge-Watch Movies

For enjoying your Valentine’s Day, binge-watching your favourite movies can be a great option. Just make a list of movies that you and your partner would love to watch. With some cushions, popcorns and your arms around each other, you can enjoy spending time with your partner on this special day. You may then get into a romantic mood after watching the romantic movies.


8. Cook A Delicious Meal

It is said that couples who cook together, stay together. This Valentine’s Day strengthen your bond with each other by trying your hands at cooking. In case you are not good at cooking, you can help your partner or take help from YouTube. You don’t have to prepare any exotic dishes as you can try making some simple ones.


9. Give Each Other A DIY Spa

Planning a spa day with your partner is another beautiful way of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner. For this, you don’t have to go to a parlour as you can plan one at your home. Have a DIY spa day this Valentine’s Week at your place. This will really help you in feeling better and showering love to each other.


10. Take Dance Classes Together

This Valentine’s Day, tap your feet to the beat of music by taking dance classes with your partner. If you have always wanted to dance with your partner then this is the time when you can enjoy the same with your partner. Even if you are not good at it, you can definitely try learning with your partner.


11. Take A Bubble Shower

Bubble showers are always a big yes when you want to do something exciting with your partner. After all, it is the thing that will help you enjoy the spark in your relationship along with having a beautiful relaxation. So put your favourite bubbles in the hot water bathtub and enjoy it with your partner while cuddling together.


12. Recreate And Relive Your First Date

Reliving and recreating your first date is always a beautiful thing to do on this Valentine’s Day. In case, you can’t go to the same restaurant, you can try creating the similar ambience and ordering the meal that you had on your first date. You can also cherish your memories and enjoy the cosy moments.

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