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Who is Abel Berhany ?

A 23-year-old paranoid schizophrenic man who beat a random stranger to death with two fire extinguishers and a broom handle in a gambling hall has been jailed for life for “inhumane” murder.

Abel Berhany, from Leyton, east London, kicked, stomped and jumped on Abraham Haile, 56, some 99 times in the 16 minutes it took police to reach the scene inside City Slots on Camden High Road, while North West London, on July 28, 2020.

Berhany had been out for dinner with friends in Finsbury Park before heading to Camden for a walk, entering the arcade just before 10 p.m. He then went into his outdoor smoking area where Mr. Haile was.

After four minutes, an argument broke out between Berhany and Mr. Haile, who were complete strangers.

CCTV captured Mr Haile

CCTV captured Mr Haile punching Berhany ‘once in the face’ before they moved into the main arcade area, where Berhany launched a savage attack on him with countless blows to the head with a broom and fire extinguisher. of fires.

‘After he fell to the ground, Mr. Haile did not get back on his feet. He was completely defenseless,’ said prosecutor Danny Robinson, QC.

The arcade manager ushered the remaining patrons out before closing the front door and calling police, jurors heard.

Berhany was arrested and emergency services attempted to help Mr Haile, who was “probably dead” when they reached him.

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of Abraham Haile and was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 18 years at the Old Bailey on Friday.

The court heard how Berhany, an Eritrean national, had been tortured in a camp in Libya as a child before being granted asylum in Britain.

Berhany spent some time in Broadmoor maximum security hospital last year, but doctors found he had no conditions they could treat and he will now be sent to jail for a minimum of 18 years.

He was expressionless when Judge Martin Picton told him that he had “acted like a torturer and his actions were designed to inflict pain and humiliation”.

“The defendant’s actions are simply unbelievable,” the judge said.

The defendant’s treatment of Abraham Haile was cruel, ruthless and inhumane.

“The defendant was absolutely ruthless in his desire to inflict as much pain and humiliation as he could.”

The judge added that the injuries inflicted on Mr Haile were “wild” and “deeply shocking”.

“No one who has seen CCTV will ever forget it,” he said.

Mr. Haile worked as a chauffeur and was a regular at City Slots at the time, the Old Bailey heard.


Mr. Haile’s family was outraged when prosecutors dropped the murder charge and accepted Berhany’s manslaughter plea because of his mental condition.

The victim’s brother, Solomon, said it was a “questionable defense to lessen his own guilt.”

“We do not believe that the involuntary manslaughter verdict is justified,” he added in a court statement.

We will never forgive him for what he has put us through.

He added: “Words cannot express some of the emotions we have felt as we think about what Abraham went through.”

“When the trial began, we discovered more information about how he was tragically killed.

“We hope that the man responsible for my brother’s death is punished for what he has done.”

Robinson said the killer came to the UK in 2015 and told authorities he was 15 years old and from Ethiopia.

He ‘he had traveled with his family from Ethiopia to Sudan.

‘When he was about 14 years old, they left Sudan and traveled to Libya, where he was imprisoned.

‘It was during his time in Libya that he was tortured.

He said he was beaten, burned with cigarettes and given electric shocks.

“After his release, he traveled alone to Italy and then headed to the UK.”

At an earlier hearing, prosecutor Joel Smith said, “The defendant went out and smoked a cigarette. Upon his return, he took a local fire extinguisher and used it as a weapon.

He then inserted the fire extinguisher hose into the decedent’s mouth and discharged him.

“He then he rolled it over and inserted the hose into the deceased’s anus.”

Berhany, from Leyton, east London, denied the murder, but a week after the trial, the prosecution accepted his guilty plea on the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

Abel Berhany Quick and Facts

  • Abel Berhany, 23, launched a ‘terrifying’ attack on 56-year-old Abraham Haile
  • He has PTSD after having been tortured in Libya as a child before coming to UK
  • The attack on the chauffeur Haile was at City Slots, Camden, on 28 July 2020

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