Just because that bag of chips and crisps seem to be calling your name doesn’t mean you have to answer it. The toughest test for your willpower is when you have a strict diet going on and you are presented with a slice of chocolate cake in front of you. We become most creative when we are trying to justify giving in to a craving.

8 Things to eat when you are craving junk food!


Thanks to these healthy swaps, you can now munch on these better versions of your junk food. Read on to know these healthy swaps:

Swap Candy with Berries or Dried Fruit

Candies, though sweet, have no nutritional content but they definitely have high refined sugar. Candy has no protein, no vitamin and it is as bad as it can get. To counter these candy cravings go for berries like strawberry, blueberry, cranberry etc or even opt for dried fruits like figs, apricots, grapes etc. These are high in fiber and are healthy for your body.

Swap French fries with Roasted Sweet potato wedges

It’s no secret that French fries are everyone’s favorite food. Deep fried potato fries are hard to resist but these salty pleasures are high in fats and are extremely unhealthy. On the other hand, sweet potatoes are excellent antioxidants and are good alternatives for potatoes. Whip up some oven roasted sweet potatoes by brushing some olive oil, sprinkle some salt and enjoy!

Swap Chocolate bar with Dark Chocolate

8 Things to eat when you are craving junk food!


Every one of us has a kid hidden in ourselves who just can’t resist checking out the chocolate bar at the grocery store. So why not go for dark chocolates? That way you won’t have to worry about your weight and health. Dark chocolates have many health benefits including the fact that they are very good mood boosters. So eat them to your heart’s content.

Swap Sodas with Lime water or Chilled water

8 Things to eat when you are craving junk food!


Sodas have no nutrition what so ever and let’s not leave out those diet sodas from this list. In spite of what these diet sodas claim they also do the same damage as the normal sodas do. These not only lead to obesity they also play a part in tooth decay. Switch to chilled water or lime water instead to fulfill your cravings. Lime or lemon has high vitamin C which is very good at combating stroke, hypertension and cancer.

Swap Ice cream with Frozen Blended Bananas

8 Things to eat when you are craving junk food!


I scream, you scream, we all scream for: Ice Cream. The creamy cold ice cream treats that even oldies find it hard to say no to. Whip up some frozen blended bananas into a bowl, add your favorite toppings to it and drizzle some chocolate sauce on it and enjoy it. You can even opt for frozen yogurt. Both the bananas and yogurt are high in calcium.

Swap Potato chips/crisps with Homemade Popcorn

Nope, we can’t just stop on one chip or one pack when it comes to potato chips. In fact, any snack with fried potatoes tastes like heaven and resisting it- Not at all easy. A small pack of fried potato chips can add a high level of calories to our daily intake. If you really want to munch on something crunchy then put some corn in the microwave with some salt, chili powder and oil seasoning and enjoy the yummy crunchy popcorns.

Swap cookies with Nuts and dates

8 Things to eat when you are craving junk food!


Whenever you are hungry the first thing that your hand reaches is the pack of biscuits or cookies. Sometimes your body wants carbohydrates, so instead of feeding it with cookies and cakes, go for almonds, walnuts or dates. You can even try roasting them for chunky taste. Nuts and dates are filled with fats, proteins and anti-oxidants.

Swap Burger with Lettuce

8 Things to eat when you are craving junk food!


Try a burger filled with protein this time by swapping bread with lettuce and see the difference. Wrap lettuce along with cheese, tomatoes and other ingredients with the freshness of lettuce and provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs without those extra carbs that are packed in those bread.

A small tip: Next time, when you are faced with a delicious piece of cake with yummy frosting and your mind tries to trade-off with you saying an extra hour at the gym later this weekend will do. Say No! Instead, run an extra mile or work it out now and treat yourself with a mouthwatering cupcake later that day.

Don’t let your cravings lead you to junk food instead ramp up your willpower and switch to these healthy swaps. Your body will thank you later.


7 Ways to outsmart unhealthy food cravings

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