The Best Time To Exercise For Diabetes Prevention
Include some higher intensity activity to reduce your risk of developing diabetes

Exercise is a preventive factor for type 2 diabetes, but timing is important. A new study reveals the best time to exercise for diabetes prevention.

Diabetes prevalence has been rising rapidly worldwide. According to WHO, over 95% of diabetes patients have type 2 diabetes, which occurs when the body doesn’t use insulin properly, resulting in unusual blood sugar levels. Most cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented by making healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, keeping weight in check, and being physically active. Health experts recommend at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking or cycling) to keep blood glucose levels under control and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. But the time you exercise is important.

According to a new study published in Diabetologia, morning and afternoon physical activity is better than evening exercise for diabetes prevention.

The study found morning and afternoon physical activity associated with a 10% and 9% reduction in risk of type 2 diabetes, respectively. However, no statistically significant association was found between evening physical activity and risk of type 2 diabetes.

Total physical activity matters not consistency

Additionally, the researchers also found that the consistency of physical activity was not strongly associated with type 2 diabetes, but the intensity of exercise was. Both moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and vigorous physical activity (VPA) were associated with decreased risk for type 2 diabetes at all times of the day.

The authors claimed that this is the first study exploring the relationship between consistency or routine of physical activity and risk of type 2 diabetes. They found no positive association. A person who exercises a smaller amount of time more frequently is at no lesser risk for diabetes than the person who exercises the same total amount, but with less of a routine, they said.

Take away

Morning and afternoon may be the best time to exercise for diabetes prevention. Based on the study findings, the researchers also suggested including some higher intensity activity to reduce your risk of developing diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

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