There are popular health myths that still exist around us and many of them we swallow. We feel it is time to bust those myths and come face to face to the real picture. Pretty surely, just as an apple a day does not keep the doctor away, similarly these theories and myths about the human body are false and baseless.

5 Common health myths busted!


Myth: Super foods are miracle foods

Super foods are undoubtedly abundant with nutrient and do nourish you an ounce extra as compared to the others but that doesn’t mean that they have super powers. Their nourishment quotient can be richer than simple foods but that doesn’t imply that a person can take the freedom of not eating it proportionately.

Myth: Whey Protein is only for Bodybuilders

Neah! To begin with, whey protein is just the simplified form of amino acid that helps in muscle repair. It is one of the most highly misunderstood food supplements and a lot of people are of this opinion that it is only for the young bodybuilders. In fact, as you age whey protein must be included in your diet as it helps in meeting the protein requirements of the body. Our Indian meals are high in carbohydrate content and hence, it is more highly recommended. Also, it is not just for people who work out as whey protein can be had with any meal to fulfill the protein requirement of the body.

Myth: Fats are horrible for your body

5 Common health myths busted!


If you think that eliminating fat from your diet will help you attain your fitness goals, then you are going absolutely wrong. Fats are your body’s well-wisher and not its enemy. There are healthy fats as well as bad fats. Healthy fats include olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, ghee, nuts etc. Fats found in processed foods are high in sodium content and hence, are bad for health. But healthy fats can do wonders for your body if consumed with portion control.

Myth: Drinking Water between eating is not good for health

A lot of times we get interrupted by our elders if we sip water during a meal. Some say, it lowers down the nutrients while some give other reasons. It is baseless to say that doing so is a bad idea. Water will instead help the body to rapid the digestion process and make it simple and effective. It is the key to good digestion and you should feel free to drink water during a meal.

Myth: Fruit Juices Help You lose weight

5 Common health myths busted!


It is not the fruit juices that will help you lose those extra pounds, it is the fruit. When you prepare a juice, you strain out the main content in the fruit i.e. fibre. The fibre is thrown away and you take at least 2-3 fruit to prepare one glass juice. In this way, your calorie intake triples but you feel it is a wise decision. Consuming the whole fruit will eventually keep your stomach fuller and will help you lose weight fast.

These were some food myths and theories that must be reconsidered. Human body is complex and its mechanism can take a whole lot of brainstorming to understand.


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