Just when you thought the world of wellness couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, health gurus are advocating the use of pricey water with designer ‘molecules’.

So-called ‘structured’ water – available at trendy LA grocery store Erewhon for $26 – is H20 which has supposedly been altered so its molecular structure is a hexagonal shape.

Fans say that this allows the water to ‘hold more energy’, which ‘recharges’ the body and leaves it more hydrated compared to regular water. 

Other supposed benefits include improved digestion, immunity energy, reduced inflammation and even weight loss.

It was the discovery of Dr Gerard Pollack, a professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, who believes this can be achieved by exposing water to  infrared light.


Improve Your Hydration with Structured Water Dr. Janine provides valuable insights on enhancing your hydration through structured water. With reference to the research of Dr. Emoto, she highlights how fostering positive thoughts and emotions can have a transformative effect on the crystal structure of water molecules. Furthermore, she sheds light on Dr. Pollock’s groundbreaking discoveries regarding EZ water or the fourth phase of water that plays a pivotal role in cell functioning and communication. To help you structure your water effectively, Dr. Janine shares some useful tips such as swirling the glass while filling it, exposing the water to direct sunlight, and placing it near crystals to ensure optimal hydration benefits. #hydration #structuredwater #water #wellnesstips

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Structured water proponents say this type of water exists ‘naturally’ in mountain springs, glacier melt, and other untouched sources.

On TikTok, fans demonstrate how to transform regular water into ‘structured’ kinds, with clips garnering millions upon millions of views.

Some users try to do this by simply swirling it with a straw or blender, while others invest in special equipment like infared light and a free-standing ‘water vortex’ said to restructure the molecules.

Kourtney's Poosh website recommends a $160 water pitcher from the brand Mayu to help structure your water

Kourtney’s Poosh website recommends a $160 water pitcher from the brand Mayu to help structure your water

One popular ‘vortex’ is sold by the brand Mayu, costs $160, and has been endorsed by the Poosh – the wellness and lifestyle website run by Kourtney Kardashian. 

The carafe generates a vortex which supposedly restructures water molecules during the swirling process.

One naturopathic doctor who has just under a million TikTok followers – Janine Bowring – claims there are simple things that can help to structure your water.

‘As it’s pouring into my glass, I like to swirl it to create a vortex that helps to structure the water,’ she said.

Putting the water in direct sunlight will also help to structure the water, she claimed, as will crystals.

On Tiktok, advocates demonstrate how to 'restructure' water using a blender and straw

On Tiktok, advocates demonstrate how to ‘restructure’ water using a blender and straw

According to a recent article published about the trend by Poosh, structured water is water in ‘its natural spring state.’

The report adds that the molecules are ‘beautifully formed hexagonal configurations that look like perfect little snowflakes.’

‘Water molecules that are not perfect crystalline formations are known as unstructured, or chaotic, water.’ That is, regular water from the tap, to you and me.

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